Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Top 10 Reasons to Attend MuleCross

10. The MuleCross Radio Ad!

9.  FREE Kid's race.   Kids under 12 race for candy and prizes at Noon.  

8.  Cory Hardy as Race MC!

7.  Cash primes! (Sponsored by Red Barn Bikes of Hamilton.)

6.  Schwag Raffles.  Thousands of dollars in merchandise from local sponsors!  You don't have to race .. anybody can win free stuff!

5.  Beginners race for $5! Now.. this is no race for you sandbaggers looking for easy handouts.  This is a shortened event on a modified course for total newbies and those who have never raced.   Oh ya.. for extra entertainment, the beginner's race will include an OPEN class.  Cargo bikes, Cruisers, Unicycles -- whatever you can safely pedal. (At discretion of race official.)

4.  Huntley's Hole!   This awesome new section of the course features BMX-style banked turns and whoops with potential for serious mud!

3.  SaWEET Trophies!  Miniature versions for "Most Aggressive" and "Most Spirited" riders.

2. It's for a good cause!  Category racers may receive $1 off entry fee for each item of food donated to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.  ($10 max -- more food certainly accepted.)   Donate some food and race for $20!

And.. the #1 reason to attend MuleCross...

1. It's Halloween! A great excuse to dress freaky and be freakier. Race in costume and be eligible for cash prizes! $50 best male costume, $50 best female costume.

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  1. Do you have to be female to win the best female costume prize?