Saturday, October 16, 2010

When I was young

A look back at 2009 MUle Xross

 Can they repeat?

The race official

That is a unicorn folks.
Gasoline doping.
Can anyone beat Alex this year?

JUst because

MuleX 2010 is coming.
Be ready.
Be there.
Any thoughts or requests for the race?
Email Emule


  1. Yes, an "open class" so I can race my cargo bike. I've asked Rich and he seemed cool with it. I know others who want to ride their cruisers.

  2. There will be a 30minute "open class" race. Cruisers, Cargo Bikes, Rickshaws, Fixies, Stryders.. whatever you can want. Bar-ends must be removed from mountain bikes and race official reserves the right to disallow unsafe machines.