Sunday, November 1, 2009

MuleCross 2009 - Vanderwood Puts on a Show!

Vanderwood puts on a show, The Werewolf wins again, and a .2HP gas engine propels GAS rider to a strong finish.

Thanks to all who attended MuleCross 2009. By all accounts, it was a great success. The weather cooperated, the course was a hit, and we had an impressive 70 registered riders. Team Muleterro handed out $625 in cash prizes, 26 MuleCross trophies, and bucket-loads of bike schwag from our sponsors.

In the Men's CAT 1/2/3 race, GAS/Intrinsik rider Brad Morgan took the hole-shot and won the $20 cash prime. But, the story of the day was all Karl Vanderwood who was able to ride the snot-slick run-up with serious authority. Vanderwood jumped to an early lead and never looked back. With each lap, Vanderwood put more and more time into 2nd place rider and fellow Montana Velo teammate Scott Herzig. Scott also had a great race and was able to hold-off a hard-charging Morgan. Despite getting some pressure from Trek Store Boulder rider Josh Bezecny, Morgan finished strong and landed 3rd step of the podium.

The Women's CAT 1/2/3 was won by GAS/Intrinsik rider Lisa Curry who somehow managed to endure the entire race in a rubber werewolf mask. The Wolf jumped-out to a quick lead and never received any serious pressure from rider Lindsay Campbell. Has there EVER been any doubt that Lisa Curry is an animal??

The Men's Master A category was won easily by top Montana endurance rider Bill Martin of Team Muleterro. Martin, riding a full suspension mountain bike, was able to mix-it-up with some of the fastest 'cross racers in the state and actually finished 6th among the Cat 1/2/3 pack.

The Men's Cat 4 race was a great show! The crowded field contained 25 riders with another 5 racing Master's B. Cameron Johnson won the Cat 4 race by a sizable margin. The Master's B race was completely dominated by GAS/Intrisik rider Jim Nallick. Congrats to Jim for a very successful first season of 'cross!

The costumes were a blast! Attending the race were zombies, a unicorn, a bear lover, a rasta-man, a baby mule, the Marlboro Man, a Cory Hardy look-alike, a skeleton, some buffalo wings, an evil villain/trob-goblin thingy, and generally wacky outfits of all sorts. The $50 prizes for best costume went to Alex Lussier and Mimi Matsuda. Lussier raced with a self-designed .2hp "engine" that featured moving pistons to "power" his legs. Matsuda raced with the first-timers while impressively dressed as a grass-covered chia-pet.

The coveted Mule Medal was awarded to most-aggressive riders Curry and Vanderwood. Not because they won their respective races, but because of the WAY they won their respective races. Vanderwood gained an advantage with his explosive rides on the steep run-up. And, how can you NOT name The Werewolf as most aggressive female rider? (I'm STILL having nightmares that I'm in a race and being chased by The Wolf.)

A quick thanks to our sponsors, Mike Harris of Gallatin County, the hundred-odd spectators who turned-out to watch, the Montana 'cross community, and race officials Don Russell, Vicky Russell, and Alisa Elliot. Also, thanks must go to the Muleterro Race Committee and Muleteers -- Ben, Sten, Sprout, Cory, Jo, and Felicia. You all came together to help throw an awesome event!

Already looking forward to MuleCross 2010...
Rich S.

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Video courtesy of samh at samh (dot) net.


  1. I made a video of Mulecross 2009. Feel free to share it whereever you'd like. It's on Facebook, Vimeo, and Youtube. Search for it as "Muleterro Mulecross 2009".

    It's also been quickly blogged at The Bozeman Fix:

  2. Nice post and great video! Thanks for all your hard work!